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Question   Pictures
hey guys! Your stuff is amazing:-) hope to see you soon

-  October 31, 2006

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Question   new website
Hey there, so glad to get this site from your cousin. It is so beautiful and so good to see the two of you. I plan to visit this site very often. Suzie, you do great work, if you could call it work, it seems more like pleasure. Freda Neel Lawson

-  July 12, 2006

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Question   Beautiful!
I really enjoyed the macro photos. I want you to do some sunflowers for me this summer. Also the home page slides are great. The lighting and detail are my favorit parts about your subjects. You make the beauty stand out. Great job!

-  July 03, 2006

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Question   Are you still interested in photographing Meranda
Susie's sorry it took so long for me look at you're picture's I missed place you're card. Well they were really great. You guys do a great job taking pictures. I will call you soon. Thanks
~ Christy Harley Stoian ~

-  June 07, 2006

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Question   Church on homepage
Hey guys - Love the Church on the homepage - Where is it may I ask?

Todd Coburn

-  April 11, 2006

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Question   Calendar

You should create calendars with your photos. They're great! Glad I could check out your website. You've got a nice gallery started already. See ya'll around.

Your next door pal,


-  February 01, 2005

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Question   Great pictures - Great job
Thank You for sharing such wonderful
I send a Virtual Hug to all of you !

-  January 26, 2005

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Question   Just looking around!
Hey Guys, I just had a little time tonight and I thought I would take a look at your web page. You've done a nice job, I enjoyed your photos. Take care of yourselves and let us know how you are doing. Owen Henry

-  December 27, 2004

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